Hemel Hair Extensions



Your new hair extensions can be treated much the same as the natural hair however to get the best out of your new locks there are some guidelines I have put together to help you manage and keep those locks looking and feeling luscious.


It is best to use products that are free from alcohol and Sulphates. These can be easily found and are much more gentle on the hair extensions.

Apply the shampoo to the root area, massaging gently into the scalp without putting strain on the connections. Squeeze through to the ends without rubbing. Rinse until the hair is clear of shampoo (Being mindful that you now have a lot more hair than usual, so rinse for longer than you would do). Then apply a rich conditioner to the mid to length ends but avoid the root areas and connections. Rinse thoroughly with cool water than pat and squeeze with a towel. Leave in conditioners, treatment oils, heat protectors and any other conditioning products are all encouraged although should be applied again to mid to length ends only avoiding the connections. 


It’s essential that a hair extensions brush be used for brushing. This will help keep the hair easily managed, detangled, and separated gently without putting any strain on the connections. Hold on or below the connections and brush starting at the ends first. When any tangles have been removed, gently brush from root to ends to prevent the hair extensions from matting / interlocking. The connections can also be separated with your fingers if necessary.


All heat products including straightners and curlers can be used on your new set of extensions. However it is of course advisable that a good heat protector be used regularly as well as keeping all heat tools at a minimum temperature. Velcro/spikes rollers are not advised

At night 

Brush the hair and loosely plait or put the hair into a ponytail using 2 loose scrunchies (excessive friction is to be avoided). If you are a restless sleeper, you may find a satin pillowcase helpful. 


It is not advisable to colour the hair extensions. Professional advice from a colourist is recommended for any root touch ups or colouring processes to prevent damage / discolouration / fallout of the hair extensions. 


The hair extensions should always be protected to prevent undue fading and drying out. The use of a hair sunscreen is recommended as well as deep and nourishing treatment products while on holiday / sun bedding.


It is advisable not to get hair wet in the sea or chlorinated pools to prevent drying out, bleaching affects and matting.

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