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I have put together some of my most frequently asked questions about having hair extensions. Please feel free to contact me if your question isn’t included here.

Things to consider before deciding on hair extensions:

Are hair extensions suitable for me?

The methods of hair extensions I work with have been carefully considered when it comes to the safety and comfort for the wearer, this ensures that they are suitable for the vast majority of clients, whether they are thinking of thickening or lengthening. Your own hair is examined at consultation and each client is given a tailor made solution for the look they want to achieve.

It is very rare that having hair extensions would be unsuitable, however some scalp conditions mean that it may not be the right time for having them fitted . These include Alopecia, eczema, and psoriasis ( particularly during a flare up), where having hair extensions may further aggravate the condition.

Are the extensions going to damage my own hair?

No, I only work with non damaging methods of application that are safe, gentle and comfortable on the head. As an experienced hair extension specialist I am highly trained, fully certified and have 18 years experience in applying, caring for and removing hair extensions so I am able to offer my clients a confident solution to their hair extension requirements.

Every client is offered full aftercare advice, regular maintenance appts as well as ongoing support, so my clients are in safe hands and can rest assured that the safety of the natural hair and scalp are the top priority each step of the way. 

Is my own hair long enough for hair extensions?

Ideally your own hair should be a minimum of 5” long. But the minimum length will also depend on the hair type, as well as your own personal preference. The longer your own hair is before having extensions, the more natural the overall result will be.

How many extensions would I need?

This will depend on a few factors:

1) whether it’s thickening or lengthening you are wanting

2) how long your hair is now

3) How fine/thick your own hair is

4)  how long you want the extensions to be if you are lengthening , and

5) your lifestyle and commitment level to having having hair extensions.

I can help you decide how many extensions you may need for the desired outcome and will be able to give you an accurate price when I see you for a consultation. 

Can I bring my own hair extensions to be fitted?

Yes, as long as they are either nano ring or stick tipped/ I tipped hair extensions (0.8g per strand) I can fit these for you. 

Where am I based?

I am a mobile hair Extensionist so I come out to your home. I cover Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. (There may be a small fuel charge for distances outside of Hertfordshire).

Do I need to have my own hair coloured or cut before having hair extensions?

It is always best to colour your hair 1-2 weeks before I see you for a consultation to ensure a true colour match. Once extensions are fitted it is not advisable to put an all over hair colour onto the extensions due to the increased risk of softening the bonds that can lead to fallout of some of the extensions, as well as potential uneven colour results (while the hair extensions are human hair, they are specially treated and can react differently to colour than your own hair would).

Is is best not to have a haircut prior to consultation or fitting to prevent any harsh scissor lines. Hair extensions blend best on tapered , layered hair, rather than blunt/ fresh haircuts , so best to leave your hair as it is to create the most natural and seemless results.


Are the hair extensions human hair?

Yes, I use the finest quality 100% human Indian Remy hair. This is best for hair extensions as it behaves like your own hair and offers the best natural look, condition and movement as well as being suitable for washing hair just as you would your own hair. All usual styling including use of hairdryers, straighteners and curling/ waving tools are also suitable on human hair extensions.

What is Remy hair?

Remy hair is cuticle aligned human hair. Cuticles run along each hair strand and are facing in the same direction from root to tip. The benefits of this are that the hair is silky, soft, shiny, strong and tangle free, making it a great option for hair extensions as it is easier to manage and keep in good condition. There are many types of Remy hair on the market but of varying grades and qualites.

I have tried and tested many brands and have settled on using a highly reputable supplier of premium quality Remy hair extensions meaning I am confident to offer my clients the finest quality hair , that is long lasting , durable, and reusable.

I offer my clients aftercare information to help keep their hair extensions in tip top condition.  

How long will the hair last and can it be reused?

Yes the extensions can be used multiple times over. With a regular 8-10 week maintenance and the following of the correct aftercare, most clients are able to typically get around 1 year of usage from each set of hair extensions.

Will any of my hair extensions fall out?

It is quite normal to lose some of the extensions during the time they are in. Some clients won’t lose any and other clients lose some. It will largely depend on how gentle you are when looking after them. The more gentle and careful you are when washing, brushing and styling the hair, the less likely they are to come out. Any fallout is also determined by your hair type and texture, as well as how committed you are to keeping the extensions in the best condition to reduce dryness and matting, which in turn will make hair easier to brush with less strain placed on the connections.

What length extensions are available?

I am currently able to offer 12-14”, 16-18”, 18” and 22-24” hair extensions. However a consultation and colour match will be required to determine if your hair extension colour is available in lengths other than 18”. I generally use 18” hair on the majority of my full lengthening clients as it tends to be suitable for most of my clients needs, but please feel free to contact me for enquiries on other lengths.


What happens at the consultation?

The consultation appointment gives you an opportunity to ask any questions, discuss how many extensions you will need and price, further understand maintenance, management and aftercare, as well as see sample hair and to have your hair colour matched. I will also examine your hair to make sure you are suitable for hair extensions.

The consultation usually takes 30 mins to 1 hour and is carried out in your home.

Anything in particular I need to do for the consultation?

It is best to have your hair freshly washed and dry. It is also important that any colouring be done 1-2 weeks before to allow for any new colouring to settle for a true and reliable colourmatch.

Can I have a consultation and hair extensions fitted on the same day?

Unfortunately not. As a small business I don’t keep hair stocked, so this will need to be ordered after consultation. However, I can usually offer fitting from 2-3 days after the consultation.


How are the hair extensions applied?

With both stick tipped/ I tipped and nano ring methods that I offer, application is simple and gentle on the natural hair. Whether it be for extra volume or lengthening, I apply the extensions in small sections using a link that is threaded onto the natural hair. A pre bonded extension is then added into the link and the connection is secured with a plier type tool. The process is repeated throughout the head until the desired result is achieved. The connections are secure, tidy and comfortable. 

How long does the application take?

This will depend on how many extensions are being fitting. For thickening, application time is typically 1-2 hours, and lengthening 2- 4 hours.

Will it be painful or uncomfortable?

There should be very little discomfort during the application process. Most clients find it pain free. Some clients with more sensitive scalps can feel some gentle weight building up as the extensions are fitted but not pain.

In the first 1-2 weeks following fitting, some clients with more sensitive scalps may feel some sensitivity and/or some itching. This is normal and is the scalp adjusting to hair being sectioned, as well as temperature regulation changes to the head due to the new extra hair. This usually passes after week 2 following application. 

Will I cut your hair extensions after they have been applied?

Although I can do a basic trim and tidy up of the extensions, I am not a qualified hairdresser and therefore I will not cut the hair extensions in. Most clients who are wanting to have the hair extensions cut/ blended /shaped will visit a hairdresser who is experienced in cutting and blending hair extensions after application.

Washing and styling:

Can I wash the extensions?

Yes you can wash your new hair extensions just like you would your own hair. It is important to maintain clean and oil free hair for the optimum health of the extensions and scalp. I recommend using sulphate free shampoo, which is considerably more gentle on the hair and will help keep the extensions clean without over stripping the hair. 

Regular use of a rich conditioner is highly recommended, however this should only be applied from the mid to length ends to prevent fallout. 

It is best to wash your new extensions a maximum of 2-3 times a week rather than everyday as the less stress put on the extensions during washing and drying the better. Washing your hair should be done while upright in a shower rather than a bath to prevent matting. 

Can I straighten and curl my hair extensions?

Yes all styling tools can be used as normal. However I recommend keeping heated tools at a minimum temperature setting where possible to reduce excessive exposure to damaging high temperatures, as well as using a heat protection product regularly as part of your hair care routine. I don’t recommend the use of Velcro rollers as they tend to become stuck in the hair extensions and cause matting.

Which products should I use?

I appreciate that there are so many products on the market and every client has their own selection that they like. When it comes to keeping hair extensions in tip top condition I recommend a simple but healthy hair care routine is best. Over use of hairsprays, mouse/gels/ styling sprays, oils and dry shampoos can all overload the hair extensions and can make them dry and heavy. It is best to use a sulphate free shampoo, rich moisturising conditioner, a leave in oil or conditioner, heat protection and 1-3 day per week treatment.

I don’t recommend any particular brands to my clients, although it is best to limit silicones and sulphate heavy products. 

Can I brush the hair extensions as normal and use my normal brush?

No it is best to use a hairbrush specifically designed for hair extensions. This is made to brush through the hair extensions thoroughly but much more gently than other types of brushes to avoid snagging and pulling out the extensions. I can provide a hair extensions brush to my clients as part of their aftercare.

You will need to keep the hair extensions tangle free by brushing hair regularly and gently, holding onto the connections as you start brushing from the ends of the the hair and working up to the roots brushing out any tangles. It is important that you brush through the scalp and connections when any tangles are out to keep the connections of the hair extensions separated, preventing any matting from building up. 

Can I wear my hair tied back?

Yes it is still possible to tie your hair up with hair extensions, whether that’s a ponytail, plait or bun as they are applied below the parting and away from your hair line. I don’t recommend tying them very tightly, or wearing them in a very high ponytail as the bonds / rings may become visible, as well as sensitive if it is too tight which may pull on the connections.

What should I do with the hair extensions at night?

It is best to secure the hair extensions into two plaits either side of the head, or wear the hair in 2 loose scrunchies. Some clients find a satin pillowcase helps keep the hair extensions safe from any night time friction that could cause matting and dryness.


Why do I need a maintenance on the hair extensions?

It is important to have a regular 8-10 week maintenance on the hair extensions. The reason for this is that your own hair will be growing while having hair extensions, so the connections will continually grow away from their original fitted position, meaning that they are easier to snag and pull out while brushing or styling. Having a maintenance ensures that the hair extensions are always supported by the right amount of your own hair keeping the weight distribution safe and non damaging on the natural hair.

A maintenance appointment also keeps the hair extensions from matting, getting stuck together and also releases old shedded hair, keeping the hair extensions and scalp in optimum condition throughout the duration of having your hair extensions fitted. 

What happens at a maintenance appointment?

I will detach the extensions one at a time and carefully remove any matting and shedding of the natural hair. The extension is then added to a fresh section of your own hair using a new link and back to its position at the root.

How often will I need a maintenance?

You will need to have a maintenance on your hair extensions every 8-10 weeks, so it is important to consider price and time commitments prior to having extensions. (My prices for clients returning for maintenance appointments are based on 8-10 weeks, after this time, I will need to see the hair extensions and will then price on inspection).


Can I still exercise and play sports with hair extensions?

Yes you can still do all your regular exercise or sports routines. It is best to wear the extensions loosely tied back in a plait or low ponytail to avoid matting but very much up to you as the wearer as to comfort preference. It is normal for the scalp to become more itchy during exercise due to the extra heat on the head. This should subside after exercise.

Can I swim with hair extensions?

I don’t recommend the hair extensions be submerged in any chlorinated or sea water. This can cause bunching / matting of the hair extensions as well as drying out, discolouration and fallout. However it is possible to tie the hair extensions gently on top of the head while swimming. I don’t recommend swim hats as they can cause snagging, matting and bunching of the extensions.

How can I best care for hair extensions while on holiday?

If you are going away somewhere hot, your hair extensions may need some extra love and care while being exposed to sun, foreign water, sun creams, sea water and chlorinated pool water etc. I recommend avoiding submerging the extensions in any sea or pool water ( see above ), and keeping to a simple hair care routine of brushing regularly and separating the extensions, washing with a sulphate free shampoo, use of a rich conditioner, leave in oil or conditioner, heat protection where needed and a 1-3 day per week treatment.

I would also recommend that you plait the extensions or wear hair neatly tied back to avoid matting or bunching while on holiday/ sunbathing. 

Can I still use sun beds with hair extensions?

Yes sun beds can still be used. I would always recommend tying hair away, covering it up, or in a plait to prevent any discolouration from sunbed lamps as well as washing the hair extensions after each use if there has been excessive sweating. 


How are the hair extensions removed?

The hair extensions are removed using a specially designed tool to detach the link and remove the extensions in a non damaging and gentle way. Depending on how long the extensions have been in for, there may be some loosening required of any excess hair and matting that have built at the root, this is done in a careful way to prevent any natural hair loss. 

How long does removal take?

This depends on how many extensions there are to remove as well as how long they have been in for and how well the client has cared for them. 

For thickening, removal typically takes 1-2 hours, and full head lengthening removal between 1-3 hours.

Can I remove the extensions myself?

I do not recommend trying to take out your own extensions. The removing of extensions requires just as much care and attention to each strand as it does to fit them. Damage to the natural hair can occur when the incorrect tools are used, the link is removed incorrectly causing breakage to your own hair or any matting is not carefully removed resulting in potential excessive hair loss.

It is a delicate procedure and should only be carried out by a hair extensionist.

Will any of my own hair come out during removal?

During removal, when the link is taken off, the extension is removed and any matting is brushed out, there will be loose hairs that come away. This is a normal part of the process as it is the natural hair that has shed from the scalp each day through the duration of the extensions being in, that hasn’t been able to freely fall as it has been caught in the link. The average person sheds 100-150 hairs everyday, so this is what comes away when the hair extensions are removed. It can look like a lot, but it is a normal and safe part of the hair cycle and hair growth is happening while the hair extensions have been in, so there has been no stop to the normal process. It’s just that you see it all on one go instead of seeing the natural hair loss in your brush or down the plug hole.

How will my hair feel after removal?

After removal, you may notice that your hair feels slightly frizzy or fluffy and possibly oily / tacky at the roots. This is very normal as there can be old product build up under where the links were. Your hair will need washing and a rich conditioner can then be applied all over the head when the extensions have been fully removed. It is important to remember at this stage that of course your hair will feel finer as you don’t have the volume of the hair extensions any longer and will take some getting used to again.

I only use non damaging and safe hair extensions, so you can rest assured that as long as you have followed the recommended aftercare during having the exts fitted, your hair hasn’t thinned or been damaged.

Can I have another set of extensions straight away if I miss my long/ thick hair?

Yes. The methods of hair extensions that I use are safe enough to have sets of extensions back to back without the need to recover the hair in between. So if you change your mind and want hair extensions at any time after removal, you are free to enjoy long and thick hair again at any time.

To find out more, or to book your free consultation, please get in touch with me today!

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